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Non-Invasive Laser Lipo on belly fat

What is Non-Invasive Laser Lipo?

Non-Invasive Laser Lipo - also known as non-surgical fat reduction or laser lipolysis - is a safe and effective alternative to surgery as a means

of fat reduction using heat to "melt" away fat.

This method of body contouring is most effective when used for small, stubborn areas of fat that cannot be eliminated with regular diet and exercise - those localized pesky pouches, pooches, and bulges that stick around. 

Depending on the area of concern,

more than one treatment may be needed.

How Does it Work?

Specially-designed paddles - known as laser diode pads - are applied to the client's target area. Heat emitted from these pads penetrate the skin, heating the fat cells underneath. 


The heat damages the membranes of these fat cells, causing the release of water, toxins, and glycerol/triglycerides (both found in fat)The cells then start to die off. Your body absorbs the dead cell and the contents, and they are are eliminated naturally via urine and sweat.

What are the Advantages of Non-Invasive Laser Lipo over Traditional, Surgical Liposuction?

  • No cutting, incisions, or bleeding

  • No scarring or bruising

  • Quick recovery

  • Less painful

  • No anaesthesia

  • Less tissue trauma

  • Significant decrease in risk of infection

  • Less complicated

  • Great for small, stubborn areas

  • Improved skin tightening

  • Targets specific target areas

  • Less prep time

  • Advantageous for those who cannot have traditional surgery or who have extensive scarring

What is the Cost?

One Session

Four Sessions

   Eight Sessions

Twelve Sessions





Interested in a Combo Package?

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