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Middle-aged woman wanting wrinkle removal

What is Radio-Frequency Therapy?

Radio-Frequency Therapy is yet another example of a safe, non-invasive alternative to surgery as a

means of body contouring and skin tightening.


Radio-Frequency skin tightening is an FDA-recognized, effective anti-aging treatment for various parts of the body. RF has less downtime than Fibroblast, but may require several sessions to achieve maximum results, as well as maintenance.


It is very popular for facial wrinkles and facial slimming, but can also help with sagging neck and knee skin, stubborn belly fat, droopy upper arms, and can improve the appearance of scars and brown spots.


Tightening and contouring in one procedure!

How Does it Work?

RF Therapy uses a device called a "wand" to direct radio waves to the skin’s outer layers. The heat created by these energy waves (on the slow end of the electromagnetic spectrum) to safely penetrate and minimally damage the cells below the skin's surface (the dermis), stimulating the body's natural repair process which induces production of collagen and elastin. Additionally, fat cells are reduced and collagen is contracted. 

What are the Advantages of RF Therapy?

  • Beneficial for all types of skin due to minimal damage and melanin changes

  • Procedure time is generally nominal

  • Improved skin tightening and texture

  • Works on a variety of body areas

  • Great for all ages

  • No down time; return to daily activities immediately

  • Minimal bruising

  • No cutting or incisions

  • No bleeding

  • None to minor pain sensation

  • No anaesthesia

  • Less tissue trauma

  • Significant decrease in risk of infection

  • Swelling reduction in about 1 week

What is the Cost?

One Session

Four Sessions

   Eight Sessions

Twelve Sessions





Interested in a Combo Package?

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